Living With Lynch syndrome: The Emotional Rollercoaster by Guest Blogger Kristen Lummis

Living With Lynch syndrome It was just about a year ago that I started going crazy. Ten months out from a devastating cancer diagnosis and a subsequent Lynch syndrome diagnosis, I’d been holding pretty steady. At one point, in the first months after my surgeries, flush with hope and my oncologist’s report of NED (no evidence of disease), I was heard to say: “cancer has made me a better person. I put on the best face possible. I told myself I wasn’t bitter. I told myself that I needed to be… more...


I met with my therapist this week; let’s refer to her as “S”. She’s a lovely, feisty woman who has stellar taste in boots, and specializes in walking-time bombs, mostly those with BRCA. I am her only Lynch+ victim … I usually meet with her once a month but with my annual testing coming up I have been seeing her every two weeks for the last couple of months. I’m not quite sure what prompted this question but she asked me if I’ve had any contact with any… more...

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