Guardian of the Genome: An Overview of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome

Li-Fraumeni syndrome When I was initially diagnosed with Lynch syndrome, I became highly interested in other hereditary cancer syndromes and wanted to learn as much about them as I could. Reading about them gave me tremendous perspective. The more I read, the more I recognized the parallels between them … there may be some different cancer manifestations of these syndromes but for the most part the emotional gravity of having a hereditary cancer syndrome is the same. -Georgia You may be familiar with the BRCA genes and Lynch syndrome, but… more...

Lynch syndrome, Cancer Memoirs, and #Hcchat

Lynch syndrome “I have Lynch syndrome…now what?” I receive countless calls a week from people who have just been diagnosed with Lynch syndrome. Many of them have doctors who fail to refer their patients to a certified genetic counselor and this is an enormous problem. Physicians must refer patients to a certified genetic counselor if they suspect or discover a patient is at risk. All too often, patients leave their doctor’s office with their positive genetic test results feeling confused, distraught, and fearful. I see this every single day. If… more...

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